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David Garner
Happy Valley, South Australia
0435 013 838
Dave is a fully qualified, apprenticeship served tradesman. He has 30 years experience. He will give you a free no obligation quotation.

About Us

DG Decorating is one of the most trusted names in the trade when it comes to wallpapering and painting. I built this company 32 years ago. We have been continuously delivering excellent results ever since. I started out as an apprentice and quickly fell in love with the craft. I further honed my skills in London and achieved the Master Craftsman level. These experiences, along with the training I received, are my primary tools in ensuring that the services that I render for my customers will always be of excellent quality.

What We Can Do 

I accept painting jobs, whether it is for newly built houses or old houses that need repainting. I take pride in seeing the houses that I worked on and in knowing that the people who live there enjoy the work that I did for them. If you want a house that stands out because of its great paintwork then I am the expert that you are looking for.

I am an expert painter and can apply paint by a brush, roller or spray depending on which method my customers prefer and which method will work best for the materials that will be painted.

If you want to add flare to your walls then I can also help you out. I am skilled in adding decorative effects such as rag-rolling, wipe-off glazing or sponging. I can transform your walls from being plain looking to sturdy works of art. I can take the ideas of my customers and, using my skills and creativity, give them life.

You can also get in touch with me if you need an experts opinion on which colours to use for your house and its rooms. It will be my pleasure to give you sensible yet creative advice on which colours will work best for your house.

I also do wallpapering and wallpaper removal. Through the excellent hanging of wallpapers, I will add elegance and sophistication to the interiors of you houses and rooms. 

Why Hire Us?

The key to my success in this trade is my skills and work ethics. When I accept a job, I commit myself to completing it to perfection. I work swiftly but with care. My customers commend me for being a neat worker. They were surprised that I can keep a very tidy work site even though what I do normally results to drops of paint in the pavement.

My years of experience has helped me learn a lot of helpful strategies to help me finish the job on time. You won't have to worry about a project's target date of completion when I am the one helping you. 

My customers have long ago discovered why I am the preferred service professional of many; now it's your turn to discover why.

Fully qualified with The City & Guilds of London up to Master craftsman level.
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